Astonishing benefits of borage oil supplements

Borage oil: 

Borage oil is extracted from the seeds of the Borage officinalis plant, which is native to North America and Europe. Borage seed oil contains gamma-linolenic acid, a fatty acid (GLA). GLA appears to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Borage oil forms: 

  • Nutritional supplements in the form of capsules or softgels made from the plant's seeds that you take orally. 
  • The oil is obtained from the plant's seed. 

GLA, the primary "active" ingredient, is present in all forms of borage oil. The best type of borage oil to use depends on what you intend to use it for. Oral versions may be more effective for certain types of inflammation.

Benefits of Borage oil: 


Linolenic acid: Borage oil contains a high amount of GLA, also known as linolenic acid. GLA is a type of fatty acid found in seeds and nuts, as well as vegetable oils, that your body converts to prostaglandin E1 (PGE1). This substance functions in your body like a hormone, aiding in reducing inflammation associated with skin diseases and cardiovascular issues.

Rheumatoid arthritis: After six weeks of treatment, there is evidence that taking borage seed oil in conjunction with conventional painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications may help reduce RA symptoms. The benefit appears to last up to 24 weeks. The number and severity of tender and swollen joints are reduced, indicating progress.

Anti-inflammatory: Borage oil is anti-inflammatory, which can help with various common issues such as PMS, breast tenderness, arthritis, and skin inflammation. It is especially beneficial for people who have irritated, inflamed skin." The healthy omega plant fats and antioxidants in borage oil can help with inflammatory skin issues like acne and eczema by improving the protective skin barrier and increasing hydration.

Menopause & PMS: The omega-6 fatty acid in early menopause, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) frequently alleviates hot flashes, sleep disruption, irritability, and vaginal dryness. GLA supplementation helps to stabilise hormone-related symptoms and reduces inflammation. GLA is observed to provide excellent relief for breast tenderness caused by perimenopausal hormone surges, fibrocystic breast problems, or PMS.Women who have low levels of GLA, a specific omega-6 fatty acid, have more menopausal symptoms as well as more PMS in their younger years.

Which type of Borage oil is highly recommended? 

Borage oil is most commonly sold in the form of capsules. Always choose a cold-pressed borage seed oil from a reputable brand when selecting a borage oil capsule supplement.


Borage oil holds much promise for reducing inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation is one of the root causes of many health problems. To be safe, always consult your doctor before attempting a new supplement.

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