The insulin plant is gaining a huge amount of popularity in the present day. This is a wonderful supplement for people suffering from diabetes. This herb is utilized widely in Ayurveda. It boasts various pharmacological activities and is a rich source of phytochemicals , Carbohydrates, alkaloids, proteins, tannins and flavonoids. The insulin plant is antimicrobial, anticancer, and anti-hyperglycemic.

These are the 5 interesting benefits of having insulin leaf powder.


The insulin plant is widely used in herbal medicine due to its anti-diabetic properties. The high blood sugar level is dangerous and can impact the day-to-day function of the organs. They also resist the nutrient flow in the body.

The insulin leaves possess corosolic acid that helps in the production of insulin to cure diabetes. The extract from the leaves strengthens The Beta cells and helps in building up insulin in the human body. It is aptly called an insulin plant in India.

Regular consumption of insulin leaf powder helps in avoiding health issues and preventing chronic disease. You can also prepare a decoction using the powder of the leaves. On observation, it is found that people who consumed insulin leaves regularly had very few health issues.

Fun fact : The insulin plant also has Anodyne property. They help in reducing the pain and lessening the sensitivity of the nervous system.


High cholesterol is a crucial problem for human health. Eating fatty foods, improper diet and lifestyle lead to accumulation of fat in our blood vessels.

The insulin leaf helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the body. These leaves have a high amount of water-soluble components as a result it slows Down glucose absorption into the blood from the digestive system. Intake of these leaves helps in assimilation of nutrients, fat absorption and reduces the blood cholesterol level in our body.

Did you know ? The scientific name of the insulin plant is Costus Igneus it is also called kostum, in Hindi, it is called keukand and jarul. Some of the common English names include fiery costus and spiral flag


The insulin leaves are rich in vitamins . They improve the function of the colon system with their high quantity of fructose. Studies show that having insulin plant leaves helps in curing constipation. These leaves are good for E Coli bacteria that grow in our stomachs. This smoothens the functioning of the human digestive system and enhance the absorption of food. In simple words, it is a natural prebiotic.

Taste this  : Just add a teaspoon of insulin leaf powder to a glass of hot water. Drink this every morning on empty stomach to increase your immune system and protect your body from diseases.


Kidney health is very important for humans. If a kidney problem occurs the chances of you getting back to  complete normal  is very less. The insulin plant leaves have a diuretic effect. This influences the potassium and sodium clearance. This improves kidney health by automating the excretory balance rate. People suffering from kidney stones or any kidney-based infection can drink the insulin leaves tea every day.

Did you know no that taking insulin leaf powder can maintain your bladder and liver health? It also has properties to prevent cancer and cure asthma.


These humble leaves have rich  antioxidant properties. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs naturally in the body and produces free radicals. Serious health issues are caused by those free radicals. The insulin plant has antioxidant properties which are helpful for diabetic patients. This drastically reverses oxidative stress in the kidney liver and pancreas optimally. The study reveals that nearly 90% of the insulin plant has antioxidant properties.

So if you are planning to look younger, have a spoon of the insulin leaf powder with lukewarm water every day.

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