Everything you need to know about Vitamin E Tocotrienols

What are Tocotrienols? 

The vitamin E family comprises four tocopherols and four tocotrienols, a lipid-loving arsenal of molecules essential for health. Each has its healing properties; however, research has revealed that tocotrienols have distinct biological functions that tocopherols do not. Tocotrienols turn out to provide exceptional protection against complex metabolic conditions such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, fatty liver disease, and metabolic syndrome. 

How does Tocotrienol differ from Tocopherol?

Tocotrienol occurs naturally in low concentrations in certain foods. Sources include wheat germ, saw palmetto, barley, oats, rye, rice, and bran. Tocopherol is found in drugstores, either alone or in multivitamin form. It is commonly called synthetic vitamin E. Tocotrienol has proven efficacy to lower blood cholesterol levels even in small doses. Thus, it aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Vitamin E Tocotrienol is very effective in removing the cholesterol accumulated in the arteries.  On the contrary, tocopherols can prevent plaque formation in arteries; but it is ineffective in removing the plaque. 

What is “Tocomin- A natural Tocotrienol complex”?

EVNol SupraBio, formerly known as Tocomin SupraBio, ensures an increase in oral tocotrienol absorption approx. 300% through a patented bio-enhanced self-emulsifying system. A natural tocotrienol complex is concentrated from virgin crude palm oil using a patented mild extraction process that ensures the maximum preservation of phytonutrients. 

Clinical research on healthy human volunteers confirmed the effectiveness of EVNol SupraBio, which increased the rate and extent of tocotrienol absorption by up to 300%. 

What are the health Benefits of Tocotrienols ?

 Tocotrienols are designed to target specific free radicals and sources of inflammation. Hence, research reveals that attacking these targets could provide the following health benefits: 


Researchers at the Ohio State of University showed that alpha-tocotrienol prevented brain cell death, which occurs during a stroke in the brain. White matter lesions are abnormal hyperintense regions observed in the brain through MRI; these white matter lesions increase the risk of stroke and dementia. The study shows that Tocotrienol is effective in slowing the progression of white matter lesions in humans. 

Heart Health: 

Tocotrienols have shown effects in alleviating.Tocotrienols lower LDL-C and Triglycerides, but they are also anti-inflammatory and provide several other health benefits that help reduce cardiovascular diseases. 

Skin & Haircare: 

A drastic increase in hair production was noticed in the volunteers who consumed tocotrienols supplements. This observed effect was most likely due to the antioxidant activity of tocotrienols that helped to reduce lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in the scalp. 

As Tocotrienol possess antioxidant properties, it is found to be a skin conditioning agent and UV absorber. The vitamin E compounds in Tocotrienol protect cell membranes, active enzyme sites, and DNA from free radical damage, preventing signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines. The substance preventing lipid peroxidation in Tocotrienol accumulates in the skin's stratum corneum and can serve as the first line of defense against free radicals caused by UV rays.


Tocotrienols are very effective in reducing cancer symptoms by inducing cell death and blocking various cell survival pathways. 


Tocotrienol reduces retinal haemorrhage in diabetic patients. It is also found to improve the secretion of liver enzymes significantly.Studies also report that oral consumption of Tocomin SupraBio delayed the progress of the end-stage liver disease. 

Why is SupraBio recommended and why does it have the highest tocotrienol absorption?

Obtaining tocotrienols from multiple natural sources is difficult because they are present in only a few sources at low concentrations. Annatto is the rich natural source of 100% tocotrienols extracted from the seeds of the achiote tree.

Palm oil is another source of Tocotrienol extracted from the fleshy orange-red mesocarp fruits of the palm tree. Cereals such as barley, oats, and rye contain small amounts of tocotrienols. Fruits such as cranberries, plum, coconut, kiwi, and blueberries contain traces of tocotrienols. 

 TocominSupraBio has a self-emulsifying delivery system that increases the intestinal absorption of each Tocotrienol by an average of 300% compared to regular tocotrienol oil extract. Also, it is the only tocotrienol product on the market with human tissue distribution data, as they are well absorbed and transported to vital human organs. It is advised to take tocotrienols after a meal, rather than on an empty stomach, enhancing their absorption. 

Tocotrienol can be considered as one of the superfoods of the century, as it is very effective in improving your cognitive, cardio vascular, liver, hair & skin health. 

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