Everyone would have seen Ginger at least once in their life. In India, every household will have ginger and is widely used in Indian cuisines right from chai to curries. Ginger has a long history of use in different regions in traditional and alternative medicine. This Southeastern Asian herb is packed with health benefits and is loved for its strong flavour.  The health benefits of using ginger is mentioned below.


Indigestion may happen due to various reasons. If you are suffering from dyspepsia that means continued indigestion make sure to have Ginger before the meals. This helps in activating the stomach and enhances digestion. This is the apt herb for gastritis. Are you feeling bloated then have a ginger shot, this is the best herbal remedy for bloating.

Try this out :Take fresh juice of ginger and boil it along with a few grams of jaggery with an adequate amount of water, filter it and have it once a week. This helps in increasing gut health and is also good for the liver.


If you are suffering from nausea or morning sickness then Ginger is the best solution. It is highly effective against nausea and helps relieve the symptoms immediately. Peel the ginger's outer skin and freshly chop them into slices, boil them with a glass of water and drink the water on an empty stomach. it's a wonderful way to start your day.


Having ginger daily helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels in your body. Studies have revealed that taking a minimum of 5 grams of Ginger for  hundred days has reduced cholesterol up to 30 points. If you are planning to reduce weight then having ginger every day will help. Add Ginger to your lemonade or just boil it with hot water with a dash of honey and have it before you go for a run. This helps in burning belly fat actively. Ginger acts as the best herb for heart health. Studies have also shown that ginger is the best herb for reducing the blood pressure.


 The strong flavor of Ginger is because of the presence of gingerol. This is the main bioactive component present in Ginger. It has a fantastic antioxidant effect and anti-inflammatory component which helps in reducing oxidative stress and eliminates excess free radicals. You can also use dry ginger powder to avail the benefits of gingerol.


Due to the high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory  compounds in Ginger it helps in increasing immunity. This relieves illnesses like cold and cough by directly activating the immune system. Having concentrated Ginger juice or a combination of Ginger juice with honey or turmeric acts as an immunity concoction.

Did you know Ginger is not a root though it grows below the earth It is an underground stem called a rhizome?


Menstrual cramps are tough. But Ginger powder is here for the rescue. Studies have shown that Having ginger powder during the cycle helps in reducing the pain.

Taste them: Tinola is a ginger garlic based chicken soup that is very famous in Philippines. Apart from that ginger is also used in making candies and cakes. Shin-shoga no Amazu-zuke is a Japanese dish where  the young pickled ginger is soaked in sweet vinegar


Ginger helps in releiving the pain caused due to arithrits. Studies have proven that by taking ginger powder mixed with honey after lunch for a period of 3 months will reduce joint pain. Since ginger has traces of calcium it acts as the best herb for joint pain and for bone health.

Fun fact: Everyone remembers their first day at the gym because of sore muscles. Having ginger daily helps in taming the soreness over time. Have a glass of warm water with a spoon of ginger powder before  or after you hit the gym, it also helps in burning calories.

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